Dancing Ivories Mission Statement:
To offer the client the greatest value for their money by providing the highest level of craftsmanship and expertise in everything we do for your piano before, during AND after the sale.

Custom PianoDisc iQ HD System Installation SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA SINCE 1976

PianoDisc iQ HD allows your piano to be able to play WIRELESSLY using an iTouch, iPad, iPhone, Droid, wireless laptop or any similar device. You have complete control over volume, song/album/playlist selection without having to be at or near it. The piano will play in true High Definition with 1024 levels of expression per note. Not only will it play with very high musical expression accuracy, it will also play at very low volume. This is truly an amazing design feature as many customers want to be able have the piano play as background music without it overpowering their conversations. All new PianoDisc installations come with a FREE $1400 music software package and may come with some other upgrades too.
We have the experience required to install any PianoDisc system into almost any piano. Installations have been accomplished in old roll players both grands and uprights, Yamaha Disklaviers, spinets, consoles, one of a kind art case pianos and many others.

Vocals and Orchestration:

During the installation process, we can install high quality speakers to allow singing and various instruments to play along with your piano. Imagine artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and many others singing along with your piano playing. PianoDisc 's Piano Sync Creator technology allows this to happen. The original artist's album is combined with the piano performance and will play with amazing quality.

Home Sound System Integration:

If your prefer to use your own sound system, the iQ system can be integrated into it to play the orchestration and vocals through your speakers. We can also install a special inductive mic pick-up on the piano soundboard to transmit the actual piano sound to your home sound system. With this option, you are able to hear the piano anywhere you have speakers. This could be out on the patio or deck, the kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere! If you need, we can provide assistance in this integration.


An optional record feature will allow you to play the piano and record your own performance into your iPad, iTouch, iPhone, or similar device and play it back on your piano, save it or even e-mail it to anyone in the world for playing back on another piano with a similar system. You can even connect it to a computer and use the piano like a MIDI keyboard or controller. The record sensor makes use of non-contact optical sensors so there is absolutely no change whatsoever in the feel or response of the keys. There a many aftermarket software programs available to do things like editing, layering, printing and other options that can be used with the Pro Record.
QuietTime MagicStar and ProRecord QT:
This is a wonderful addition to a piano when you want to practice and not disturb anyone else. Only you can hear yourself play. The piano is specially muted from being heard by anyone else either in the same room or in an adjacent apartment. When the QuietTime is not in use the piano can be played normally as the system does not permanently affect the piano in any way.

Installation Quality:

Dancing Ivories is able to provide extremely high quality installations that will not only look neat, professional, and factory installed, but will not in any way effect the touch or response of the keys or tone of the instrument. The aesthetic appeal of the piano will also not be effected. We have installed many systems into pianos worth more than $300,000 and you would not know a PianoDisc system is in it unless you have it play by itself. There will be no dangling wires or any parts hanging off the piano, no wires wrapped around the beams and no missing piano parts. The owner of Dancing Ivories is an engineer, a professional woodworker, and a highly regarded piano technician who is truly dedicated to craftsmanship of the highest caliber. It will not be allowed to leave the shop unless it is perfect. This is the basic philosophy at Dancing Ivories and is applied to everything we do.
All installations by Dancing Ivories are done with proper calibrations and adjustments, very neat wiring and parts installation. Proper calibration is absolutely essential to accurate musical performance. One of our most important value added services is actually in the installation itself. This is where the quality begins. All modifications and parts assembly are done professionally, accurately, and neatly. This guarantees trouble-free performance and reliability right from the start. The entire installation process has been engineered by the owner and guarantees reliable and predictable installs. This means you, the client, is receiving the highest value for your money.

PianoDisc Warranty

PianoDisc offers a 5 year parts warranty and Dancing Ivories offers a full one year labor warranty.

At Dancing Ivories we have the experience required to install any PianoDisc system into almost any piano made whether it is a grand, upright, spinet, console, new or very old, unique art case, or unusual piano action, or damper action design throughout all of Nassau and Suffolk County and the Five Boroughs. If there are any questions whether we could do an installation, the owner will come and personally inspect your piano and advise you whether or not it can or can't be done. Being a piano tuner technician, re-builder, and certified PianoDisc service technician and installer, I can easily determine if the installation is feasible.